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You have many choices but Desiigmo is the best you will find as a dedicated injection mold design resource on every single project. Every day. Every time. Desiigmo was founded on its Injection Mold design experience over 26 years ago and this continues to be one of the core components of our business. Our team of designers has extensive experience designing many different types of Injection molds while incorporating the latest technology. From simple open and close single cavity prototype tools to very complex production tools with multiple actions. We are experienced with multiple styles of Hot manifolds, 3 plate and conventional runner tools, Insert Molds and Over Molds as well as 2 Shot molds. Our designs are 100% 3D solid modeled using the latest in CAD software. We provide every degree of 2D detailing ranging from Basic Assembly drawings all the way through having every component and plate 100% detailed. We design to our customers' standards and specifications in conjunction with our own internal processes and procedures to insure every design meets or exceeds our customers' expectations.