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Desiigmo (Pty) Ltd.

When there is a tough tool to design, Desiigmo gets the call. Why would a tool shop that has its own designer on staff call desiigmo? “We usually get the tough jobs that they can’t affort to spend the time on,” For desiigmo, the challenge is nothing but new. Desiigmo was started in 2015 to fill a need in a niche market. Desiigmo serves several types of customers. Desiigmo does everything that has to do with the tooling aspect of design, whether it’s a tool design, product development, or inspection of products for moldability. Desiigmo does a lot of work on product changes and modifications.
Customers come from a variety of industries, from automotive and medical components to consumer products and electronics. Pre-paid meters, banking pebble, vertical blinds, 2K air freshener caps, back to school products, automotive grill, automotive air vent – these are some of the products we all use that were likely to have some design work done by Desiigmo.
Desiigmo specialize in all types of molding – conventional injection molding, multi-cavity, two and three-shot, auto unscrewing, insert and hand load, hot runner systems, etc. Most of our work is for plastic injection molding, but we will try our best to support and accommodate your design request. Desiigmo’s formula for success is simple, serve your customers right, hire and partner with good people, and give them the best tools to get the job done. We’ve established a reputation for taking the most challenging jobs and turning high quality designs in very short timeframes. That’s why customers keep coming back to us.

Desiigmo offers creative solutions to the challenges associated with molding complex end products. With technical knowledge of different molding processes, design conventions, and industry standards, desiigmo are able to best serve you, the customer.
Drawing on over 25 years of experience in the moldmaking industry, and using the latest in CAD software, desiigmo is ready to put its knowledge to work for you on each new project.

Product Development: Our product development services extend to offer assistance in your product's development. From initial concepts to producing 3D models, desiigmo is your solution.

Conversions:We can assist in the translation from most formats by converting 2D of 3D drawings and exporting to your required format.

Manufacturing Drawings: If your design staff has completed design work and you want them to begin on new ideas, desiigmo can take your files and produce manufacturing drawings, and we will finish the details, while your team gets started on new projects.

Desiigmo has been formally serving the plastics industry since 2015. With more than 25 years of experience, desiigmo offers professional service in injection mold design. Our goal is to provide quality engineering and competitive delivery dates for our clients to enable them to produce quality tools, reduce tooling costs, and a fast turnaround.
 From prototype to production molds, desiigmo will provide you with a high quality mold design that will suit your needs. We can provide you with a single cavity, multi-cavity, cam action, unscrewing, lifter, stripper plate, 3-plate, dual ejection, hot sprue or hot runner system.

All designs are created in 3D and converted into detailed 2D prints. If you only have a 2D part file to work with, we will generate a 3D file for you. Every client has their own standards and vendors. Let us know your standards and who your vendors are and we will incorporate them in your design. These are your projects and should be designed to your expectations.

We guarantee the confidentiality quality of our service.